Anybody can charter the helicopter to travel any remote corner of Bangladesh including
Coxes Bazar and Chittagong hill tracts.

  • Air travel
  • Medical evacuation
  • Film shooting /photography
  • Fun ride

a) Generally our helicopter is used by VIPs, Dignitaries, Businessman, Celebrities High Officials39

b) Our helicopter takes off immediately with lifesaving medical equipment,stretcher, oxygen and medical attendant to carry the patient to designated hospital during Emergency Medical Evacuation (EMS). Two attendant can fly with the patient.

c)Film shooting or photography can be two ways: Static and in flight. Charge varies accordingly.

d) Fun ride –Isn’t fun to fly like bird? So does our helicopter.Make 2 groups of 6 passengers each, 1 group going and 1 group returning. Total 12 persons can share the total charter cost for one fun ride. One can avail fun ride for celebrating  Birthday or anniversary.We have special offer for those fun

e) We can arrange ambulances services for our patients arriving from abroad.amb

f) We can also arrange transportation for extra luggage on request for our
passengers arriving from abroad.