You can book it within minutes by providing

  • Names of passengers ,occupation, and address with contact #
  • Time Date and route details of the flight and
  • Passport details (For foreigners)

Working days: 7 days a week sun rise to sun set, No extra charge for holidays.

Who Charters: We encourage the user to contact us directly for chartering without via any
3rd Party, because it is our own helicopter.

Charter rate : Rate of charter is Tk 1,00,000 per hour. Ist hour waiting on ground(Engine
off)is free.Next hour onward charge is Tk 10,000 per hour, depends on other
factors. A reduced package deal may be offered on ground waiting time, when
the user contacts directly with the key persons of the company,

No extra VAT charges and all Insurances are well covered.

MODE OF PAYMENT: 50% Payment must be made 72 hours before, 100 % 24 hours before
the Flight by cash or deposit to our company  account #.
Flight cancellation:Only 15% deduction if flight is cancelled 72 hours before,30% deduction
if canceled before 24 hours. There after money will be adjusted in next
flight at customer’s choice.